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Storm Clouds is the second book in the Claire's Angel series, that finally brings together the forces of darkness and ight, in a series of cataclysmic events.

First, in an unspeakable act of terrorism carries out in Turkey, then in an horrific act of vengeance visited on holiday makers in Spain.

True evil knows no boundaries, nor wears a recognisable face, and so it i with our story, as the battle rages across Europe, and the Middle East, before culminating on the streets of London.

It all comes together in a final battle for supremacy, as the forces of good and evil line up once more.

.......But the outcome of the battle is still far from certain. 

Previous publication

In Claire's Angel, the first book in my exciting,  we are gradually introduced to some of the main characters embroiled in our story, that encompasses both the supernatural and the forces of darkness.

Message from the author.

David simpson picture_edited_edited_edit

"I'm so excited about my new book, 'Storm Clouds'.  This publication is the second book in my Claire's Angel series and has been eagerly awaited by readers of my first book 'Claire's Angel' ......and definitely won't disappoint!"


David Simpson  

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